The idea

Line lifestyle was founded with one goal in mind. We set out to make health simple to understand, empower people every day to take control of their lives and make healthy choices.

The beginning

It all started in 2013.

And the world was quite different back then. It was a surprise to me that the world of wellness and health would explode in the ten years since we decided to start this blog. 

The world is changing and people are more aware of their health than ever. There seems to be a new “Zero Calorie” product released every day, or a new diet trend.

Our mission

It’s important that we get accurate advice with no nonsense, given the new interest in health. Many people would be willing to provide false information in order to make quick money. 

This is why this website was created from the ground up to ensure that people have the information they need in order to make informed, research-backed decisions.

Since the start, things have changed quite a bit. The site started out as a hobby project. It has since grown tremendously thanks to the support of our readers. 

Line lifestyle’s team has grown rapidly over the past few years to be able to offer you, our readers, even more high-quality, research-based advice on health. 

We invite you to explore the site and get to know our writers. We are certain that you will enjoy what you see!